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An Overview of Childhood Sexual Violence for Healthcare Professionals

In this course, you will learn the types of sexual violence and exploitation, risk factors, indicators, how to provide trauma-informed care and its practices, how to perform physical examinations, how and when to report to authorities. Case and scenario studies will equip you with practical tools, resources, and knowledge.

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This free, self-paced course is designed for healthcare professionals, including medical and mental health workers in hospitals, clinics, offices, health centers, and at home. The course can be completed in approximately one hour.

After completing this course, you will:
1. Know the risk, indicators, and types of sexual exploitation and abuse
2. Be familiar with the rights-based and trauma-based approach to working with underage victims and their families
3. Understand the process of handling cases of violence or sexual exploitation from filing to reporting and referrals

About Your Instructor:
Jordan Greenbaum, MD is a child abuse physician in Atlanta, GA in the U.S. She received her degree from Yale School of Medicine and has worked in the field of child maltreatment for over 20 years. She is the medical director of the the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and the medical director of the Institute on Healthcare and Human Trafficking at the Stephanie Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She co-chairs the Human Trafficking committee for the Ray Helfer Society, and the Education/Training committee for HEAL Trafficking, an organization of medical professionals working on human trafficking issues. Dr. Greenbaum has served on national committees and workgroups regarding human trafficking and has testified for Congressional committees. She co-authored a clinical report and a policy statement regarding child trafficking for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Greenbaum provides trainings on human trafficking and exploitation and other aspects of child maltreatment for medical and nonmedical professionals. She trains locally, nationally and internationally, working with child-serving professionals to prevent, identify and intervene in cases of suspected abuse and sex trafficking. Her research focuses on developing and validating a screening tool to identify suspected child sex trafficking in the healthcare setting and on global healthcare for survivors of child trafficking.